Tell me and I FORGET.  Teach me and I REMEMBER.  Involve me and I LEARN.   ~ Benjamin Franklin

Brackett ISD Receives an “A” Rating for the 2018 State Accountability System

The State of Texas has been developing a new accountability system for school districts for some time now.  The 2018 State Accountability Ratings were released to the public for the first time on August 15, 2018 via the Texas Education Agency’s website.  Brackett ISD scored an “A” rating according to this new system; an “A” is the highest attainable rating possible. A large part of the ratings reflect academic outcomes for the 2017-18 school year.

A large part of the 2018 Accountability Ratings are based on state standardized scores or more commonly known as STAAR and End of Course (EOC) exams.  As many of you know, Brackett ISD is much more than a test score.  The rating is a piece as to what our school district does to service our students and families.  There is no way that just one measure justifies or provides a true reflection on all the wonderful people and programs at Brackett ISD.  Even though this new system has sparked controversy throughout the state, I continue to believe Brackett ISD is much more than a state exam and we are an exceptional place for students and families.

Brackett ISD’s 2018 Accountability Rating of an “A” is a reflection of the hard work our student and staff do every day.  I have said this many times, our student body is outstanding.  Our faculty and staff is comprised of exceptional individuals that are dedicated, caring, and true professionals at their craft.  While, our student body is the pride and joy of our school district and community.  Our faculty and staff is without a shadow of a doubt the backbone of our school district.  Students and employees are two key components for Brackett ISD success.  Our Board of Trustees and our community are an additional two components that make large contributions to our success.  We are excited for our new school year and continue our efforts to provide students with a world-class education…GO TIGERS!!!


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