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Brackett ISD Guardian Program Community Presentation

Brackett ISD Guardian Program Community Presentation

 Brackett ISD has been continually working on and taking measures within our control to increase security for everyone at our school district.  For example, on October 8, 2018, DPS Trooper Barrett delivered the training: Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (C.R.A.S.E.) to BISD faculty and staff.  Moreover, DPS Trooper Seymore and DPS Trooper Perez provided a summary of the training C.R.A.S.E. to our BISD Board of Trustees at the October 8th BISD Regular Board Meeting.  Other security measures taken by BISD include: technology upgrades, security camera installation, Emergency Notification Systems, partnerships with multiple local law enforcement agencies and others. Research indicates that since the 2015-16 school year, the Brackett ISD School Board has discussed the possibility of implementing a Guardian Program at our school.  At the September 17, 2018, BISD Special School Board Meeting, the BISD School Board directed me to pursue and implement a Guardian Program at Brackett ISD.  

The Guardian Program is a program that allows specific volunteer employees or school officials to possess a concealed firearm while the employee conducts their normal duties at Brackett ISD.  Please be informed that the Guardian Program is different from the School Marshall Program.  A Guardian must meet and continue to meet criteria as prescribed by the BISD Board of Trustees.  The Guardian Program is only for BISD employees, BISD school officials, and strictly voluntary.  Please be aware that not every BISD employee or official will be a Guardian; and not every employee or official that volunteers may be selected to be a guardian.  Information regarding details about BISD Guardians will be highly confidential.  Confidentiality is key for the protection of every one.  Only employees or officials that have been approved with written authorization from the BISD Board of Trustees will be allowed to carry a concealed weapon on our school campus. 

 BISD Board Policy CKC (LOCAL) provides insight to the Board's authorization of firearms at our school and school events.  Please be informed that we are currently reviewing CKC (LOCAL) and we will be making recommendations to the BISD Board in order to revise our current CKC (LOCAL) policy.  Our goal is to have our CKC (LOCAL) policy revised and published by January 2019.

Furthermore, a Task Force has been created and has been meeting to outline various areas of the program.  The first meeting with the Task Force was October 4, 2018 and the Task Force will continue to meet as needed.  In addition to the Task Force, BISD has been and will continue to work with the Kinney County Sheriff's Department to provide continuous assistance and training to our Guardian Program.  Sheriff Coe has been very supportive of our school district and we appreciate all his assistance.  BISD will also be working with other local, regional, and federal law enforcement, emergency management, and educational agencies on this endeavor.  

 Lastly, I will be hosting a community presentation about the Guardian Program.  The presentation will consist of an overview of the Guardian Program in order for our community to grasp a better understanding of this endeavor.  I will be more than happy to answer questions about the program as long as it does not compromise the integrity of the program.  Please be aware that at this point in time, we continue to have conversations about the details of our Guardian Program. The community presentation will be held at the BISD Auditorium on Thursday, October 18, 2018 at 6:00 p.m.


 Guillermo Mancha, Jr., Ed. D.

Brackett ISD Superintendent of Schools


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