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Information about Mr. Navarro

Hello and welcome to a great school year! My name is Mr. Navarro and I am excited to teach this year with BHS. I have been teaching Math since 2019 and been with the school since 2020. I will be teaching Algebra 1 and Integrated Physics and Chemistry (IPC) this year. I look forward to helping each student learn Mathematics and their applications. Making it fun, enjoyable and spark curiosity as they begin understanding the world of Math, Engineering and Science. 
1st Period: 7:55am-8:47am
2nd Period: 8:50am-9:42am
3rd Period: 9:45am-10:17am
4th Period: 10:40am-11:32am
5th Period: 11:35am-12:27pm
Lunch 12:30pm-1pm
6th Period: 1:03pm-1:55pm
7th Period: 1:58pm-2:40pm
8th Period: 2:42pm-3:35pm (Conference)