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About Brackett ISD



Thank you for visiting our website.  Brackett ISD is a fantastic place for children and education.  I invite you to take a closer look at our school district as Brackett ISD is wonderful place to live, work, and enjoy life with family.  Our community is filled with wonderful people with the small town family oriented culture!


Why live and work at Brackett ISD?


Who is Brackett ISD?


Brackett ISD is a 2A school district that offers our employees and their families so much.  In the 2020-21 school year, BISD has approximately 525 students district wide.  Brackett ISD in located in Brackettville within Kinney County.  Brackettville, Texas is a small safe community with about 3,800 residents.  We are surrounded by the larger cities of Eagle Pass, Del Rio, and Uvalde, Texas.  Brackettville is approximately 2 hours west of San Antonio, Texas on Highway 90.  Brackett ISD is considered one of the best school districts in our region. 


BISD Accolades


Brackett ISD is an excellent school district with many accolades.    Our students and teachers enjoy the small school atmosphere that is conducive to learning and minimizes distractions.  Our classes are small in numbers and students are provided more individualized academic attention.  In the 2018-19 school year, the Texas Education Agency rated Brackett ISD as an “A” school district for the second consecutive year (TEA did not rate school districts in the 2019-20 due to COVID-19 pandemic).  Brackett High School was named as a 2020 Best High School by U.S. News & World Report. 


Brackett High School is a 2020 Best High School, based on rankings that U.S. News & World Report published on April 21. Here is your school’s updated U.S. News profile page, with its new ranking(s):


Additionally, BHS was named to the 2018-19 ERP Honor Roll for its high achievement in student success.  BHS was one of 6 schools in the state that were identified by ERP.  BISD is a high academic achieving school district where safety and students come first.

 Honor Roll

BISD Employment


Our teachers and staff enjoy a professional atmosphere focused on the success of our students.  Our teachers enjoy small class sizes that enable teachers to provide our students more one-on-one time.  Our student body are well behaved children that are eager to learn and work with our teachers.  At our elementary level, BISD employs three teachers at every grade level which on average have approximately 13 students per class.  Within our school district, there are on average between 35 to 45 students per grade level.  Our secondary teachers are able to teach our students and enjoy the Art of Teaching.  Within BISD classrooms, our schools are set up to provide support to our teachers for the academic success of our students. 


BISD is progressively aggressive.  BISD has upgraded its technology district wide.  BISD has invested in its infrastructure to be able to stay current with the 21st Century.  BISD has provided students with a Chromebook for their personal use Pre-K through 12th grade.  Furthermore, BISD started using hotspots for families in the year 2018-19.  The hotspots were an effort to overcome connectivity issues at home and promote academic success.    By the time COVID impacted our schools in March 2020, BISD was well prepared to deal with many academic concerns associated with remote learning.


At Brackett ISD, teachers are able to continue to be learners themselves.  BISD invests in their teachers/employees to build capacity.  An example, recently BISD paid for all academic core teachers district wide to become ESL certified.  BISD brought an ESL trainer to BISD for the sole purpose to train our teachers on ESL strategies.  BISD then provided teachers with a day and vehicle to go take the test.  BISD finally, reimbursed the teachers for passing the ESL Certification exam as reflected on the TEA SBEC website. 



Brackett ISD Compensation


Brackett ISD teacher base pay is comparable to school districts within our region.  The chart below shows the base pay of small school districts within our area.  BISD base pay is competitive with small districts.  In addition to pay, BISD offers a benefits package to all its employees.  For every employee, BISD contributes $275 toward the TRS Active Care which is the medical insurance.  Other choices of insurance and benefits are offered to employees and payroll deductible. 


Starting Salary

5- Years Exp.

10 Years Exp.

15 Years Exp.

20 Years. Exp.


Brackett ISD







Comstock ISD







La Pryor ISD







In comparing Brackett ISD salaries to larger school districts in our area, BISD continues to be competitive.  BISD teachers work in an environment that is educationally conducive student’s achievement.  The experience BISD teachers have in the classroom is rewarding.


Starting Salary

5- Years Exp.

10 Years Exp.

15 Years Exp.

20 Years. Exp.







Brackett ISD












San Felipe Del Rio CISD












Eagle Pass ISD












Uvalde CISD







Moreover, BISD also offers stipends to teachers as an additional form to supplement teacher pay. BISD pays an additional $1,000 dollars for a Master’s Degree.  Teachers are also able to coach or sponsor any number of activities on campus such as: UIL Events, Academic Areas of Expertise, etc…  The BISD Board of Trustees is committed to our teachers and their livelihood.  BISD Board continue to make a concerted effort to increase teacher salaries. 

Additionally, BISD recently designed and implemented a Teacher Retention Incentive Program.  The program is designed to provide teachers with a monetary incentive for years served at BISD up to $1,000 dollars. 


BISD Student Body

Brackett ISD students have much to participate while attending our schools.  Students are well behaved individuals and enjoy a small close knit community.  The student body is full of talented individuals that excel in their studies and on the field of competition.  Students are encouraged to participate in Athletics, Band, UIL Academics, One Act Play, FFA, Journalism, STEM programs at all levels of the district, to name a few. 

BISD students are extremely successful.  On the field of competition, our students consistently make post season play and/or compete at the state level.  In 2017, BISD was the 2A One Act Play State Champion.  In 2019, BISD was home to the 2A Spelling State Champion.  In addition, our teams such as Cross Country and Computer Science Teams compete at the state level consistently.  The BISD Computer Science Team has been the 2A Runner-up for two consecutive years.  We are proud of our students and we go above and beyond to support our kids.  Our kids go on to fulfil their dreams and become productive citizens of society. 

Brackettville, Texas – Life is Good!

In Brackettville, Texas -- Life is Good!  Our small community has everything a family is looking for and more.  Brackett ISD is lifeline of our town.  In Brackettville, you will have the opportunity to enjoy your professional and personal life.  Because we are small, our students are involved in many activities year round if they wish.  Athletics, UIL academics, Band, One Act Play, FFA and/or 4H, and many other activities.  Our community is extremely supportive of our programs and parents have the opportunity to enjoy them. 

Our community also has various events throughout the year.  Fall Festival, Hunter’s Round-up, FFA/4-H Gala, Feast of Sharing, Frontier Christmas, Fort Clark Days, 4th of July, are all different programs that our community put on every year.  These programs are attended our community and surrounding communities.  People travel to Brackettville to enjoy themselves. 

Brackettville is also home to beautiful Fort Clark Springs.  Fort Clark Springs is a historic fort that is now somewhere to live and play.  Residents and visitors of Fort Clark Springs enjoy a gated community with many amenities.  Everyone visiting Fort Clark Springs drive through the main entrance where the guard shack monitors all traffic entering.  Once inside the fort, people may visit museums, motel, bird watch, visit historic buildings, play golf, hunt, camp, swim and more.  Fort Clark Springs is home to the 2nd largest spring water fed pool in Texas.  The pool is big and refreshing with water that is 67 degrees year round.  The pool is cleaned every Thursday during the swimming months and it is a fantastic way to cool off in during those hot summer days!  For more information please visit the Fort Clark Springs website at


 Ft. Clark Springs Swimming Pool