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Cost, Repair, Replacement, & Voluntary Insurance

  • Each BISD student in grades 1 thru 12 is provided with a Chromebook package at no cost. This package includes a Chromebook, protective carrying case, charging cord and appropriate, pre-installed educational applications.
  • Do not attempt to gain access to the internal electronics or repair your Chromebook. If your device does not work or is damaged, take the Chromebook to the office immediately.
  • Chromebook repair/replacement options will be determined by the appropriate staff. In the event a Chromebook is damaged, the student will be assessed a minimum $50.00 charge for the repair (please see table below). The student may be charged the full cost (up to $300.00) plus any reformatting costs for each subsequent repair or replacement if the Chromebook is stolen, lost or damaged beyond repair.
  • Should a Chromebook be lost or stolen the student and parent/guardian will immediately notify school administration. If stolen, filing a police report by the parent/guardian is required.
  • In the event of a lost or stolen Chromebook, Brackett ISD will remotely lock the device and may report theft to law enforcement.
  • Students who leave Brackett ISD during the school year must return the Chromebook to the school office, along with any other accessories, at the time they leave the district. If not returned, the Chromebook may be reported as theft to law enforcement and will be remotely disabled.
Voluntary Insurance
This year the district is offering voluntary insurance for each Chromebook for $25.00 per student per year. If there are four or more students in a family, $100.00 will cover all students in the family.
This voluntary insurance will cover all costs for repair or replacement of a Chromebook due to accidental damage regardless of the number of repairs needed in one school year. Insurance does not cover the cost of a lost or stolen Chromebook, missing chargers, damaged or lost headphones or mouse.
If you choose to purchase the voluntary insurance, please pay no later than October 1. Fees can be paid at your campus office or central office. 
Repair Required Cost With Voluntary Insurance Cost Without Insurance
Replace broken screen (non touchscreen) $0.00 $50.00
Replace broken screen (touch screen, K-2nd) $0.00 $65.00
Replace keyboard (missing or broken keys) $0.00 $30.00
Replace motherboard $0.00 $50.00-$100.00
Replace power cord $35.00 $35.00
Replace school issued mouse $10.00 $10.00
Replace headphones $15.00 $15.00
Lost or stolen chromebook up to $300.00 up to $300.00