Tell me and I FORGET.  Teach me and I REMEMBER.  Involve me and I LEARN.   ~ Benjamin Franklin


I would like to take this time to ask, that as a community, we make School Safety our New Year’s Resolution.  I can’t thank the people of Kinney County enough for entrusting me with the safety of our children. The job of a School Resource Officer is a responsibility I take very seriously.  That being said I would like to bring up some safety issues and ask for the citizens of Brackettville and Kinney County to help in resolving them as follows:

  1. Students are using the old crosswalks on Ann Street that are no longer legal/active. The use of the old crosswalks creates a safety hazard because there are too many crosswalks being used within too short of a distance.  Please use only the active crosswalks located at the north side of Fulton at Ann, the north side of Thorn at Ann and the north side of Edwards at Ann.  The old ones have been blacked out, but can still be seen.  DON’T USE THE OLD ONES
  2. Parents are dropping students off on Ann St. in traffic. It is unsafe to drop kids off in traffic on a public roadway.  Let’s not wait for an accident to happen before we put a stop to this.
  3. Students are crossing Ann St. to and from school without looking for traffic. If a student runs out in front of traffic (even on a crosswalk), the drivers may not have enough time to avoid hitting them.
  4. Parents are dropping students off at Lowe’s Food Market across the street from the school. The crosswalks are there for students that walk to school.  Dropping off at Lowe’s creates undue pedestrian traffic that usually ends up crossing at the old crosswalks that are no longer in use.

Student drop off for elementary and intermediate is on Fort Street, at the back of the Elementary and Intermediate Buildings. Keep in mind that Fort Street is one way traffic in this area and the direction of travel is south.   Student drop off for High School is on E. Fulton Street between the High School and the Annex Building.

I hope that 2019 is a great year and that School Safety is a priority for our community.

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