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Brackett ISD Receives a $53,000 JET Welding Grant

The Texas Workforce Commission awarded Brackett ISD the JET Welding Grant for the 2018-2019 School Year.  The grant will enable Brackett ISD to purchase equipment for their welding shop.  Brackett ISD partnered with Southwest Junior College and its Welding Program in an effort to offer students the opportunity to graduate from High School with a Welding Certification that would enable them to be employed after graduation or pursue a degree in Welding through SWTJC.  Kinney County has several pipelines traversing the region that increases the need for Welders, Cutters, and Solderers.  Brackettville hosts a rail yard, solar and wind farms, and independent welding contractors all seeking to employ local individuals that possess welding skills/certifications.  BISD’s first goal is to meet the needs of students interested in the welding industry certifications by providing them with the necessary education and skills to be successfully employed.  Secondly, BISD seeks to build solid bridges between the school and employers to match the skills provision to the needs of the industry.  BISD collaborated and received the support of Mortenson, Harbor Rail, Chuy’s Welding and Fencing, Big Horn Metals Inc.,  Diamondback Trailers Inc., along with the Local Workforce Development Board for the implementation of this grant.  “This grant will provide our students with hands on experiences in the world of welding technology that will make them highly qualified employees in Welding, Manufacturing, Construction, Transportation and Oil and Gas Extraction industries”, shared Mr. David Edwards, BISD CTE Dual Credit Welding Teacher. This program will position our high school students to gain employment in any of the above mentioned industries as they will have earned certifications specific to the job requirements and will be known to the employers through the relationship connections initiated by the school district.  “ Brackett ISD strives to contribute to the economic development of our area/region by graduating students ready for employment in high demand occupations such as Welders, Solderers, Cutters, and Brazers” indicated Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Guillermo Mancha. With this grant, Brackett ISD’s Welding Shop will be equipped with:

Plasma Cutter for modern tech. fabrication -  students will learn how to utilize a plasma cutter with steel, aluminum, brass and copper.

50 Ton Tensile and Guide Bend Tester  - students will be able to test and evaluate heavy duty welding quality

JET Horizontal Band Saw  - students will utilize it to cut metal and look at penetration of welds

JET Belt Metal Sander – Used to clean welds and prep rusted materials to standard for welding

Mobile Fume Extractor  - automatically tracks welding smoke for a safer working environment

Two Miller AC/DC Welders  - for a more modern and industrial use with higher voltage

Each one of these items will be used in the Dual Credit courses as they relate to the course/curriculum.  This equipment will also allow our CTE Dual Credit Welding Teacher to more efficiently test our students for licenses and certifications. 


Submitted by:  Alma Gutierrez, Grant Writer


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