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A little about myself - I've been teaching science since 1994 (or longer, if you count time spent as a Graduate Teaching assistant teaching college science labs).  I've taught almost every secondary science course offered in the state of Texas:  7th grade science, 8th grade science, IPC, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science, Human Anatomy & Physiology, Science Research & Design, and Advanced Placement Biology (which we currently teach as a Dual Credit Course through Angelo State University).  I also taught Geometry in Summer School one year.  At the college level, I've taught Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy lab, Zoology lab, and Intro to Biology labs for both science and non-science majors.  I've taught in Fort Worth ISD (1 year), Arlington ISD (8 years), Uvalde CISD (5 years), and at Brackett ISD since 2009 (13 years).  I have a Bachelor's of Science in Wildlife & Fisheries from Texas A&M and a Master's in Science in Quantitative Biology from the University of Texas at Arlington.  I've published 3 books on Texas reptiles & amphibians:  Texas Amphibians (with Bob Tipton, Terry Hibbitts, Toby Hibbitts, and Travis LaDuc); Texas Lizards (with Toby Hibbitts); and Texas Turtles & Crocodilians (with Terry Hibbitts).  My passion - and how I spend most of my free time - is the outdoors and wildlife photography - I spend countless hours chasing and photographing birds, reptiles & amphibians, dragonflies, butterflies, etc.  When I'm not doing that, I'm training for Marathons and Ultramarathons (a Marathon is 26.2 miles or 42 km - while an Ultramarathon is any race longer, with the classic distances being 50 km, 50 miles, 100 km, and 100 miles) - which most of you know, since I'm quite visible running down FM 334, FM 674, or on the roads and trails at Fort Clark Springs.