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Services Offered

There are 3 options for Counseling at Jones Elementary/Intermediate:
  1. Whole Class Social Emotional Learning Lessons given to each individual class once a month with specific topics to help students be more successful in their learning environment. 
  2. Individual Counseling, which consists of between 5-7 sessions. If more assistance is needed, the Counselor may feel the need to refer the student to a licensed therapist.
  3. Group Counseling which consists of a small group of students who are experiencing similar situations and will meet once a week for 6 sessions. 
  • Mighty Minds

Students who are struggling with making friends, nervous/anxious in new situations, present insecurities with self, & lacking in social skills. 

  • Cub Companions

Students who are going through life changes/

transitions in family dynamics due to a loss, divorce, or other change in the home environment.

  • Tigers in Training

Students who need practice with following directions, impulse control, staying on task, making good decisions & calming strategies. 

If you are interested in referring your child to one of these options, they need to have a Consent for Counseling form filled out (these went out at the beginning of the year). Also, you will need to fill the proper form and turn it in to your child's teacher or the office. The forms are below or can be requested. 
If you have any questions, please email or call Ms. Morgan to get more information.