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Student Security

  • Users may not reveal personal information, including a home address and phone number, about themselves or another individual on any unsecured electronic medium, such as web sites, blogs, podcasts, videos, wikis, or social networking sites. If users encounter dangerous or inappropriate information or messages, they shall notify the school administration immediately.
  • The use of cameras in any type of electronic device is strictly prohibited in locker rooms and restrooms.
  • BISD staff must maintain the confidentiality of student data in accordance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
  • Students have been issued a school email address to improve student communication and collaboration on school projects. Email shall be used only for educational purposes that directly relates to a school project or assignment. All computers, telephone systems, voice email systems, electronic mail, and electronic communication systems are the district’s property. The district retains the right to access and review all e-mail, computer files, databases, and any other electronic transmissions contained in or used in conjunction with district’s computer system, telephone system, e-mail system, and voice mail system. Students and staff should have no expectation that any information contained on such systems is confidential or private.
  • Any user who identifies a security problem must notify his/her teacher or building administrator immediately. The user shall not demonstrate the problem to others or access unauthorized material.
  • Staff shall immediately report any potential security breaches to the BISD Technology Department.
  • Staff should change their passwords to all systems at least once every 90 days.